We are a Christian based child care & preschool program.  We follow a Creative Curriculum based program for infants through school-age children. 


A creative curriculum's aim is to promote a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Though the activity varies with each age group, this strategy often uses unconventional means that lean toward project-based, activity-based learning environments. 


Children who have been taught in a creative curriculum environment tend to be freethinking and open to learning new subjects. The educational organization called Creative Curriculum states that they combine the latest research into a forward-thinking approach to learning. 


A creative curriculum can be utilized in a child care or preschool program that a child attends that specifically incorporates these teaching methods. 

Lesson Plans

A creative curriculum utilizes interactive lesson plans. Many of the teachings are activity-based instead of relying on visuals like images and books. For example, instead of having a preschool class read a book about frogs, a teacher may bring a frog in and have the students ask questions, touch it and learn about it through interaction.  

Physical Activities

During the day they go outdoors for free play on the playground, sensory activities, walks and visits to the local parks. Throughout the year preschool classes and school age children go on field trips to various activities and community events.